Over us

Bengal Cats el Kischangar is convenient the Catteryname of our small hobby breed in Aglasterhausen, at the edge of the Odenwaldes, between Sinsheim and Mosbach. We Gudrun, Danielle, Patrick, Freundin Annika and I (Dieter) have a restaurant www.buergerstueble-brecht.de  and are a family business. As reconciliation and hobby we have our Bengalen and half-breed dog spike. All our animals live and move generally speaking house freely.



Our breeding goals are:

A typeful Bengalkatze as close as possible at the standard. An affectionate nature with warm colors, good contrast in best skin quality.


We are member in the 1st ITAVC registered  association that the umbrella organization of the World Felidae United (W*F*U) is attached.


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